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ORACAL® Series 8810 Frosted Glass Vinyl


ORACAL® 8810 is available in 5 colours with hoarfrost effect. ORACAL® 8510 comes in gold and silver, and opens up many possibilities for adding a special touch to shop windows, glass doors and glass-like surfaces. With a permanent solvent polyacrylate adhesive and a durability of up to 7 years,


ORACAL® Series 8810 Vinyl Film

ORACAL® Series 8810 Vinyl Film

Technical Data Sheet

Application Instructions

ORACAL® Series 8810 Vinyl Film

Technical Data
  • Cast high-performance PVC film (80 micron)

  • Extreme resistance to weathering and UV

  • 5 variants with hoarfrost effect

  • For high quality glass decoration of shop windows and glass doors

  • Wet applicaiton is recommended

  • Solvent polyacrylate, permanent, transparent

  • DIN EN 13501-1

  • Service life: 7 years

  • Recommended application materials for dry application: ORATAPE® HT95, MT95, MT72 and MT52, for wet application: ORATAPE® MT72

Standard widths - mm

1260, 1000, 630, 500, 378

Standard lengths - 50 metres

Recommended Application Materials:-

ORATAPE HT95 Application Tape

ORATAPE MT52 Application Tape

ORATAPE MT72 Application Tape

ORATAPE MT95 Application Tape

Artical Information

ORACAL® Series 8810 Vinyl Film

  • *) Our safety data sheets / Article information reflect the state of the SVHC list from 27.06.2018.
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