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dtec Digital Banner Media

Reinforced digital print banner media

Reinforced Digital Print Banner

A complete profile of premium PVC coated technical fabrics. Incorporating high fire retardant specifications, specialist acrylic coatings and high tenacity polyester yarns. Alternative economical laminate banner material is also available in bespoke widths to suit both your printer and price point.

D510G Blockout
Frontlit 440e
50 Frontlit FC
Mesh with Liner
Frontlit 500e
Viewflex 510 PET - Whiteback Opaque
Frontlit Premium
Viewflex 500 PET - Greyback Opaque


Ensure the correct banner material / media is chosen for the intended application

e.g. if producing long term outdoor banner graphics, exposed to the elements, Dtec Frontlit Premium 550gsm would be your product of choice.

When finishing banner material always ensure to either single hem for short term indoor banners, or double hem for long term outdoor banners. This is done by folding over the edges to create a 40mm hem. The hem can be held in place by using a high strength adhesive banner tape, or for best results use RF welding equipment. Eyelets should then be fastened every 300mm – this process will prevent any ‘sagging’ and maintain the overall attraction of the graphic / banner.

Wind slits / pockets should never be considered as this weakens the polyester base fabric/yarns and will result in the banner failing in tear resistance. Dtec Mesh 300gsm should be considered for outdoor ‘high wind load’ environments.

For further assistance please contact your Europoint Sales Manager.

*NB When the term PVC is not popular, VCT (vinyl coated textiles) can be used as an alternative

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