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Foamalux Ultra Foam PVC Sheet

Foamalux Ultra is a strong and durable rigid foam PVC sheet with a high gloss finish, giving it a high end appeal. The co-extruded gloss surface gives improved UV protection and stability over standard foam PVC for external applications. Foamalux Ultra is available in white plus 6 deep intense colours including Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, White, Grey and Black

Foamalux Ultra Foam PVC Sheet


  • High quality gloss surface

  • A range of vibrant colours

  • Weatherable UV protection

  • Strong, durable rigid sheet

  • Half the weight of solid sheet

  • Ideal for applying vinyl cut graphics

  • Suitable for digital printing

  • Good surface for screen printing


  • Displays

  • Exhibitions

  • In-store fitting

  • In-store graphics

  • Point of Purchase/Sale

  • Signs – Permanent

  • Signs – Temporary


Sheet Size

Thickness   [ mm ]

1220 x 2440

3 + 5

1250 x 3050

3 + 5


Foamalux PVC Brochure

Foamalux Ultra Fact Sheet

Foamalux Ultra Weathering









  • Printing processes: Screen printing and direct to substrate digital printing

  • Machining: Suitable for guillotining, die cutting, sawing, drilling, milling and routing

  • Fire rating: Foamalux has been independently tested to various European Fire Test Standards; for the most current certification please contact the Technical Department.

  • Installation: It is important to make allowances for thermal movement (a 2440mm long panel will expand by 3.32mm as the temperature rises from 20°C to 40°C)

  • Forming and Fabrication: Suitable for folding, drape forming, thermoforming, hot air welding and hot plate welding

  • Panel Orientation: should be considered when mounting panels; extruded materials generally have fractionally greater flexural strength, and therefore resistance to bending in the direction of extrusion 

  • Colour Panel Orientation: The refractive index of panels viewed in the line of extrusion can vary to that across the line of extrusion. It’s important to assemble the panels in the same direction of orientation

Colours are for illustration purposes only. Please request colour samples from your local Europoint Centre HERE

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