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Easy Dot

Print Vinyl Film

Easy Dot Chalkboard black
A film like a printable school blackboard!
Designed for
  • printable Chalkboard film
  • for writing/drawing with standard or liquid chalk
  • suitable for cutting plotters
  • effect like a school blackboard
  • for indoor- and short term outdoor application suitable
Product Features
  • 180 µm thick monomeric PVC-film
  • black with structure
  • cleaning with wet sponge or cloth
  • easy to apply due to "easy dot" technologie
  • printable with (eco) solvent-, latex- and UV-curable inks as well as with screenprinting inks
  • for best printing results we recommend first to print a
    layer with white ink
  • recommended for interior decoration
  • environmentally friendly, permanently- water-based
  • 3 inch core, printside outside

Neschen Easy Dot Blackboard Vinyl - Promotional Video

Avery MPI 1105 wrappng product PDF
Avery MPI wrapping film, easy apply RS

Data Sheet - easy dot Chalkboard black

Processing Instructions - easy dot Chalkboard black




10 m x 137,2 cm



Product Brochure


30 m x 137,2 cm

Avery MPI 1105 wrappng product PDF
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