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Solvoprint Wallpaper

Large Format InkJet has taken a vital part of everyday life. In a multitude of situations, digital InkJet prints offer enrichments of advertising options and individualization of personal living space.
Highly evolved print technology matched inks and specially designed print media – development never stops and change is the only constant.
Neschen Coating GmbH offers longstanding experience in the field of LFP and highly developed print media. This gives every print service supplier and end user a beacon to light their way in this ever-changing industry.





solvoprint wallpaper sand NW

solvoprint wallpaper smooth NW


Fire Protection

Classification Report according EN13501

Solvoprint Wallpaper NW

Processing Instructions

Solvoprint Wallpaper P+NW

Solvoprint Wallpaper


  • Recommended for indoor applications

  • For wall coverings

  • Ideal for creating customized interior design


50 m x 130 cm



50 m x 130 cm



50 m x 130 cm



Solvoprint Wallpaper

Stucco NW  I  Sand NW  I  Smooth NW

  • solvoprint wallpaper/stucco NW, sand NW, smooth NW

  • approx. 350 g/m² heavy, PVC coated non-woven

  • approx. max. 500 µm thick

  • non-woven construction for easier removing from substrate

  • embossed / textured surface

  • highest brilliance, photorealistic print quality, quick drying time

  • good scratch resistance (depends on inks)

  • printable with solvent based- and latex inks

  • The majority of UV-curable inks leads to a perfect print result on these solvoprint wallpapers. But there are some UV-curable inks which show restrictions regarding the scratch resistance. Therefore we recommend own printing tests with your inks!

  • CE marking / EN 15102:2007+A1:2011

  • B1 test certificate according DIN 4102-1

  • fire classification according to EN 13501-1 (class B - s1, d0 / hardly flammable)

  • Anti-Bacterial wallcovering

  • 3 inch core, printside outside

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