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ORACAL® Series 951 Premium

Cast Metallic Film

2-mil, premium cast metallic PVC film with excellent dimensional stability and very good cutting and application characteristics.

Available in 49 high gloss colours.

Oracal 951Cast Metallic


  • 2-mil, premium cast metallic PVC film

  • Excellent dimensional stability, very good cutting and application characteristics.

  • Available in 49 high gloss colours.

Release Liner

  • 84# custom silicone coated paper with special release characteristics that provide excellent weeding and release values.


  • Clear, solvent-based, permanent adhesive.


  • Developed for applications with the highest durability and conformability requirements.

  • Ideal for long-term lettering and high quality vehicle and fleet graphics.


Recycling Recommendation:
Waste class similar to household waste, is to be recycled according to the local regulations. Surfaces to which the material will be applied must be cleaned thoroughly of dust, grease or any contaminants. Freshly lacquered or painted surfaces should be allowed to stand for at least three weeks after complete curing.
The compatibility of selected lacquers and paints should be tested by the end-user prior to use. The statements in this information sheet are based upon our knowledge and practical experience. This data is intended only as a source of information and is given without any guarantee and does not constitute a warranty. Due to the wide variety of possible uses and applications,
customers should independently determine the suitability of this material for their specific purpose, prior to use.


Article Information

Technical Data Sheet

Technical Data

Thickness (without liner and adhesive)

2 mil

Dimensional Stability (FINAT TM-14)

Adhered to steel, no shrinkage in cross direction; In length, <.004”

Temperature Resistance

Adhered to aluminum, -58°F to +230°F, no variation

Fire Behavior (DIN 75200)

Adhered to steel, self-extinguishing

Fire Rating

ASTM E 84-07 Class “A”

Adhesive Power (FINAT TM-1, after 24 h, average)

Adhered to stainless steel: 4.1 lb/in

Tensile Strength (DIN EN ISO 527)

Along: Min. 19 MPa

Across: Min. 19 MPa

Elongation at Break (DIN EN ISO 527)

Along: Min. 120%

Across: Min. 120%

Seawaterability (DIN 50 021)

Adhered to aluminum, after 100h/73°F, no variation

Shelf Life (68°F/50% relative humidity)

2 Years

Minimum Life Expectancy (based on accepted

application procedures on vertical surfaces)

3 years - brass, bronze, pale gold, pyrite
5 years - champagne, red gold
6 years - anthracite, gold, graphite metallic, silver grey
7 years - all other colors

Minimum Application Temperature


Available Lengths

150’ (50-yard) and 30’ (10-yard)

Available Widths (inches)

15 (punched), 24, 30, 48

Recommended Application Tapes


Print Compatibility

Thermal transfer

All colours shown below should only be used as a guide, they do not offer an accurate match.

To request your Oracal 951 Metalic colour chart, please contact your local Europoint Centre. CLICK HERE 

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