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Europoint “Delivering a World of Choice Locally”

Release Date: January 2017

EUROPOINT “Delivering a World of Choice Locally”

When it comes to a company committed to offering its clients a complete service, Europoint is “gearing” up to grow their presence in the UK as major suppliers of Sign Print & Plastics.

A key decision is to purchase their own local fleet of vehicles based out of their three centres across the country.

Europoint’s vision is to continually improve their service offering, allowing more flexibility to customers and build on their strength and commitment to delivering their extensive market leading brands. Owning their own commercial fleet represents a substantial investment into the business, fortifying the confidence in Europoint.

Cameron Steer in Glasgow said “The new vehicle lets us choose how to store customer orders during transportation, maximising floor space and increasing the number of drops possible on our vehicles.”

Dave Foreman in Northampton added “Overnight loading of our vehicles and getting them on the road first thing, allows us to arrive at our customer with the right product at the right time. Europoint people, in Europoint vehicles, owning our service.”

To contact your local Europoint centre CLICK HERE

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