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Europoint appointed as new UK distributor for Stadur GmBH of Germany.

Simply Different, Simply Better!

Europoint is proud to have been approached by Stadur GmBH of Germany to be one of the few UK distributors offering their excellent Viscom lightweight foam sheets.

Viscom Sign Easyprint

This 100% PVC-free sheet has a high degree of rigidity but with very low weight. On either side of an extruded white polystyrene core, the Stadurlon faces are a special polyolefin that is classified as an environmentally friendly substitute material having excellent resistance to scratching during production processes and subsequent end use.

Both faces are initially covered by protective PE film, ensuring ease of handling without the need for gloves. An ideal material for internal and external advertising operating in temperatures from minus 20°C to plus 120°C for up to 2 years, the surface is paint ready and all brands of lamination films achieve excellent adhesion.

Machining slots or V-shaped grooves into one of the faces enables the creation of angular or curved shapes such as column cladding or rigid display stands as well as advertising boards. The Easyprint surface can be bent over a thousand times without damage, allowing speedy workshop disassembly, transportation and subsequent on-site reassembly of fabricated constructions and the machined edges can be covered with Viscom Edge Profile if required.

The pure white matt finish surface skin promotes optimum printing results and images excel in colour brilliance, sharpness of detail, contrast and final print result when compared with all other known competitors’ plastic print media products.

Viscom Sign Easyprint Black

Also 100% PVC-free and having the same properties as above, these sheets comprise of a black extruded polystyrene core sandwiched between two self-coloured black Stadurlon sheets.

Viscom Sign SF

Stadur’s proven long-standing light foam sheet consists of two hard PVC sheets bonded to a core of extruded white polystyrene foam. It is lightweight, rigid and easily printable for both internal and external use and edges can be covered with Viscom Edge Profile.

Viscom Edge Profile

This flexible, self adhesive edging strip comes in 50 metre rolls, 10mm or 19mm wide, and is available in white, black or metallic silver. It is ideal for sealing the edges of Viscom sheets, any 90 degree bends are easily achieved by scoring the internal surface before folding.

Stadur Powerfix

Neutral, permanently elastic construction adhesive for boards that will be subject to dynamic loads both indoors and outdoors. Universal waterproof assembly and construction adhesive for the bonding of non-porous stone, concrete, mirrors, natural stone, plaster, polycarbonate, PSPU, Stadurlon, polystyrene, PVC, ceramic tiles, enamel, copper, lead, zinc, aluminium,

stainless steel, Trespa, wood, glass (not laminated safety glass), various plastics, etc.

For further information, sizes, samples and to order your Showcase Box please contact your local Europoint Centre now. CLICK HERE

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